Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rocket Yankee

So. Everyone is asking, what does Roger Clemens on the Yankees mean?

It's Roger Clemens. What do you think it means? Only good things, and another reason to hate the Yankees. Oh well. So it goes.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nash's Bloody Nose

3-1 in baseball and see? It's not that difficult.

1-1 with the Nets. After I wrote that I probably should have bet with the points, I dropped 100 on that, and no worries, down 10 bucks now on the B-Ball...good times.

What I'm going to do sometime soon is explain a little about my betting strategy for baseball. Hey, 7-2 in two days that you saw, pretty decent but I definitely don't do that every day--obviously. I've been all right in baseball so far, however, so I'm looking forward to breaking down my method a bit. Well, see ya.

And did you see Nash's bloody nose? Game ball goes to Tony Parker, not only did he have an outstanding game, he delivered the knockout head butt to Nash--unintentional I know, but since I hate the Spurs...pretty damn intentional--and also drew a late hack-a-shaq foul call to make it a 4 point game. Very impressive, Mr. Parker. Very impressive.

Question: does this mean Nash is going to be playing with the plastic guard? Do it, Nash. Do it. It never fails.

Devils Done, Rd 2 NBA

I was a wee bit worried about the Senators, and well, they demolished the Devils. They are my new pick to win the Stanley Cup. As for the Devils, well, better luck next year I guess. I was so excited to see a Devils Rangers series, then they both blew it. Oh well. Good thing I didn't bet on any of that.

NBA, I am making my first wager of the playoffs (am I kidding you? Nope. Seriously, I'm anti-betting in the playoffs, for the most part. Plus, I've had a lot of crap to do lately, so I put that on hold for a while) NJ over Cleveland outright. 100 bucks to win 250. Why not, I got a C-note burning a hole in my account, might as well waste it on the rather foolish idea that Cleveland is going to come out a bit flat while the Nets attack with all they have, start the series with a road win. The line is 6.5, I should have taken the points, but hey...

Gotta do these things sometimes.

Anyway, I was 4-0 in the East for round 1, 1-3 in the West (note: I picked against SA for the greatest of reasons, I hate them. Also, I wanted T-Mac to win so bad, I picked them against my better judgment, and I gave no respect to Golden State. Good job me.)

So...The Eastern Conference finals will be between Cleveland and Chicago. Why? Because I think that is more exciting.

And The Western Conference Finals? Phoenix VS Golden State, because that will be flat out awesome.

If I actually had to bet, however, it would be Detroit Cleveland, Phoenix and Utah. But they aren't my picks, I'm sticking to my entertainment gut. I want it, and I want it now.

Picks Review

Okay, so in my little post yesterday, I put out my bets I did for earlier today, and I went 4-1. Not bad. Def take it. The one misfire was the Atlanta Braves, and Hudson didn't pitch all that bad, Atlanta just didn't score until it was too late. Happens. Look at Halladay, a lot of people lost on him today, but what can you do. I liked how the Yankees rebounded, I like how Santana properly scared me from taking the Sox, who had a chance to win it late on an Ortiz or Manny homer, but it didn't happen. I sort of wish I kept the 100's going with the Mets, but hey, no regrets.

So, I share one day and I go 4-1. Fortuitous or part of a larger pattern? To help you decide, I'll go again. Note: when I say 100 on Yankees (which I will, shortly), I mean I bet whatever I need to bet to win a 100. I don't know, that's just how I roll...I guess. On to the picks.

Second note: The 100 bets, in most cases, involve teams on winning streaks. For example, the Tigers bet I'm about to make, they already made me 400 bucks, since I started betting them once they hit 2. So if I lost this bet, I'd be up about 270 or so, which is not bad. Meanwhile, the Yankees bet I made yesterday, I had to put up 275 to win 100. A bit more risky there, but I was just sure they were going to win--worst thing to do, I know, but you have to sometimes.

100 on Yankees (sticking with the possibility of an upcoming streak).
100 on Tigers.
50 on Baltimore. (Sabathia loses first game this year, Baltimore hits 3)
50 on Oakland.

Easy bets, easy bets.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Okay. Igawa was pitching for the Yankees today, so I made half my usual bet, 50 bucks. Lost it, terrible, but tomorrow it's Wang VS Weaver, so I'm upping it to 100 on the Yankees. I'm rolling with the Mets and Tigers anyway, I'm gonna drop the Mets to 50 though, just cause I'm a wee-bit superstitious (too much to explain)--plus, they're going against Webb. See no reason to stop with the Tigers, roll as long as they take me, even if they lose, their little streak got me more than covered here (began it when they hit 2, for me own reasons, sure) covered here. I was thinking of hitting the Red Sox up, but they are up against Santana, ain't touching that. But I'll hit Hudson and the Braves with 50, and I'm going to do another 50 on Tampa Bay over the Oakland A's...why not.

So, to breakdown, I'm not only sticking with the Yankees, but going for 100.
Tigers for 100.
Mets for 50.
Atlanta for 50.
Tampa Bay for 50.

And I'm done. Let's not get too crazy, and this, my friends, is a sample of some of the bets I do. Not too complicated, no high roller here, feel the pitchers, see the stats, don't go too crazy. I'm not touching the NBA playoffs, not touching the NHL playoffs, cause serious, I'm excited enough as it is just watching and who the hell knows, you know? I don't need it. It's time for baseball. And if I lose all 5 bets? Not the first time, won't be the last time, but I highly doubt it. Usually this is a bit more than I do, actually, btu screw it. It's Saturday baseball, live a little, right?